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Benefits of Personal Injury Co-counsel

Many times, a lawyer or legal firm possesses the necessary abilities or expertise to handle a matter, but they are unable to do so due to conflict. Other times, a case may be above a lawyer’s specific skill or comfort level, but the lawyer still wants to provide exceptional service to their client. Whatever the […]

Tips to Prevent Pool Accidents This Spring

Spring is almost here. As the weather warms up, and more and more people flock for water, so do the risks of swimming and diving accidents. Unforeseen swimming pool accidents are large contributors to water-related personal injury claims in Florida. If you own a pool, here are a few tips to make your pool is […]

Can Insurance Companies Hire a PI After a Crash?

When you think of a private investigator, your first thought may be other crimes and personal matters such as a spouse’s double life. However, private investigators are known for being hired by insurance agencies following an auto accident. Is this legal? Insurance companies can use various methods to delay or deny claims against them, private […]

Questions You Could be Asked in an Auto Accident Claim

If an auto accident claim does not reach a settlement, going to trial with a Florida personal injury trial lawyer may be necessary. In fact, it is quite common that cases do not reach settlements, whether that is because of the insurance company or the injured party. Regardless, legal assistance is necessary to ensure you […]