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Can Insurance Companies Hire a PI After a Crash?

When you think of a private investigator, your first thought may be other crimes and personal matters such as a spouse’s double life. However, private investigators are known for being hired by insurance agencies following an auto accident. Is this legal? Insurance companies can use various methods to delay or deny claims against them, private […]

Questions You Could be Asked in an Auto Accident Claim

If an auto accident claim does not reach a settlement, going to trial with a Florida personal injury trial lawyer may be necessary. In fact, it is quite common that cases do not reach settlements, whether that is because of the insurance company or the injured party. Regardless, legal assistance is necessary to ensure you […]

Workers’ Compensation in Florida

Suffering Injury on the job is what leads to the common settlement of workers’ compensation. In Florida, employees could be eligible for benefits to compensate for medical expenses and lost wages. Workers’ compensation is regulated by the Department of Financial Services and the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims.  Florida law states that employers […]

How Alcohol Laws in Florida May Change Car Accident Cases

Florida, like many other states, does not allow drivers to have open containers of alcohol in a vehicle or allow drinking while driving. When drivers violate these laws, even without an accident, the consequences are severe. Even people who are not driving the vehicle are not allowed open containers. Regardless of if the vehicle is […]