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The support of a trial attorney is a necessity in cases involving catastrophic injury or death. While ensuring you fully understand your rights, the best Florida personal injury trial lawyer can help deal with insurance companies and the complexities in the fine print of their policies. You can have greater peace of mind while focusing on your recovery by having an individual with extensive legal experience who has your best interests at heart. Hevia Hechtman Law Firm is a collection of accomplished trial lawyers with an established track record of successfully representing personal injury claimants in many forms of injury cases around Florida.

About Hevia Hechtman Law Firm.

Founded on the principles of Trust, Professionalism, Integrity, Empathy, and Humility, Hevia Hechtman Law Firm is a collection of trusted trial lawyers who strive daily to live up to our ideals in the fight for our client’s best interests.

Areas of Practice

Injury Xray Hevia Law Firm


Injuries can result from our everyday lives, even in the best of times, due to the negligence of others. The law allows you to recover damages for your injuries caused by the negligent actions of an individual or entity.  

Wrongful Death

Life is precious.  And yet, it can be wiped out in an instant by the poor judgment or actions of another.   The emotional and financial toll that follows the untimely death of a loved one can linger with a family for years. 

Counsel to Counsel

We will work with you to try your case. Whether you have handled zero or ten trials, it always helps to have experienced co-counsel. We can assist with everything from Motions in Limine and Jury Selection through Closing.

Business Litigation

We provide transparent, regular communication, and we have extensive experience with a variety of contract and business-tort claims that can interfere with your day to day. We will help you find a solution and allow you to direct attention to where it should be: growing your business.

Will, Trust and Guardianship Litigation

Things go sideways quickly when there is emotion, money, and property involved. We have extensive experience litigating issues before the probate court, from disputes over competence to leave an inheritance, to clawing back items or money wrongfully taken by a friend or family member after death, to recovering for minor children after a wrongful death.


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    Carl SchreckCarl Schreck
    09:29 06 Apr 24
    I am an insurance defense attorney and have personally been up against Anthony Hevia in trial. I can attest to his mastery of trial tactics. He is an excellent trial attorney who comes to court thoroughly prepared and ready for battle. He is armed with all of the weapons necessary to attack his opponent and to achieve a successful result for his client. If you need a skilled courtroom warrior in your corner, I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Hevia. He's a top-notch attorney and a worthy opponent.
    Meredith WiacekMeredith Wiacek
    02:10 08 Jan 24
    Kesna JosephKesna Joseph
    01:38 27 Sep 23
    Daniel PowellDaniel Powell
    23:45 01 Sep 23
    Top notch litigators
    My time with Susy and Anthony was everything I could ask for. They were so kind, attentive, professional, and I really felt like they genuinely cared for me. Just when things got tough, I always felt like they were doing the best that they could for me. They warned me to be patient as things take time and I always felt like I could call/reach out with any questions without hesitation. I would 1000x recommend Hevia Law Firm over and over again. Trust and believe that they will have your back because they had mine! Forever grateful for this team and every single hour they spent to support me.
    Lenay HarrisonLenay Harrison
    14:29 01 Aug 23
    Great law firm. They communicated and worked throughly to solve the issue No matter how long it took. Susy is an amazing paralegal.Communication was great
    Ric FossRic Foss
    17:11 19 Jul 23
    Professionalism the way you want it! Anthony and Susy were great to work with. First class law firm.
    alyssa freyalyssa frey
    20:15 12 Jul 23
    The whole team at Hevia Law Firm was phenomenal to work with! Special thanks to Susy, and Anthony who went above and beyond to ensure that everything in my case was taken care of.
    Milana VorobievaMilana Vorobieva
    16:51 09 Feb 23
    The Hevia Law Firm is not just a place of business. It's a circle of hard working, compassionate, tightly knit, family like attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries. They not only take care of you as your client, who are the center of their attention, but also are very honest, quick but thorough, would do everything in their power and beyond to get everything that you deserve. I, as a client, could not wish for better representation. Thank you and many more successes your way!
    Ryan Yepez’sRyan Yepez’s
    01:33 14 Dec 22
    My experience with the law firm was excellent! They not only handled my case but guided me and treated me with the upmost respect. They also included me in discussions of how to approach my case but I had the final say, they worked for me! The staff was not only kind and professional and followed up constantly on case and even called to see how I was feeling. I would recommend them hands down to anyone I know. 5 stars is an understatement!
    Rachel MalcolmsonRachel Malcolmson
    16:43 28 Nov 22
    The whole team at Hevia Law Firm was phenomenal to work with! Special thanks to Susy, Drew, and Anthony who went above and beyond to ensure that everything in my case was taken care of. They are all so professional to work with and genuinely care about their clients.
    Katey MKatey M
    14:54 14 Nov 22
    Having been in multiple car accidents, I now feel like an expert, thanks to Hevia Law Firm. Anthony, Suzy and the team went above and beyond to make sure everything (tickets/court/etc) was cleared and taken care of. We won my first lawsuit for the entire policy amount $60k. Anthony held my hand through the entire process and was able to take so much of the stress and anxiety off my plate. This is the only law firm I will work with for car accidents in Miami. Thank you guys!
    Gloria VallinaGloria Vallina
    12:41 23 Aug 22
    I wish to thank the Hevia Law firm for their expertise, professionalism, compassion and especially for winning my case. A special thank you to Anthony, Drew, and Susy for the role they each played to ensure a positive outcome. God Bless you all always.
    Eric MathenyEric Matheny
    00:59 27 Apr 22
    Anthony Hevia is one of the top civil attorneys in South Florida. If you have a civil matter that requires excellent representation, your first phone call should be to Anthony.
    Jason SparksJason Sparks
    16:32 26 Apr 22
    The team at Hevia Law Firm took care of everything for me and my family. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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    Have you or a loved one been involved in a car or truck accident and you’re struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you’ve suffered an injury at your job due to the negligence of your employer? The Trial Lawyers at Hevia Law Firm are ready to discuss the details and help you get the money you deserve. Call today to set up a consultation.