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Why Is It Important to Know How Wrongful Death Lawsuits Work?

Although money will never make up for the loss of a loved one, it can help to lessen the financial burden brought on by their passing. A South Florida wrongful death lawyer can assist you in ensuring that justice is done. Furthermore, bringing a wrongful death claim can assist in holding the negligent party accountable […]

Personal Injuries to Avoid During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is filled with all the things we have to be grateful for, including food on the table, friends and family, quality time spent together, and many other things. The trip isn’t always risk-free, though. Personal injuries are widespread during the hollidays, just like they are on any other day of the year, from car […]

What You Need to Know About Thanksgiving Accidents to Stay Safe

Every year, what begins as a joyous holiday turns tragic for countless people. The end-of-the-year holidays are the time of year when emergency rooms see the most patients. You should be aware of the following accidents that happen most often on Thanksgiving: Car Accidents Thanksgiving typically entails packing the car with the family and traveling […]

What You Should Know About Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Florida

Florida residents who are involved in wrongful death lawsuits frequently enter the situation without having much prior experience with the process. The unfortunate truth is that many families in Florida will have to go through this experience after losing a loved one. However, if you have some knowledge of the wrongful death lawsuit process, you […]

What Is the Average Florida Wrongful Death Settlement?

Settlements for wrongful deaths can be complicated and vary widely depending on a number of variables. Because each case is different, it is challenging to estimate the average settlement. Settlements for wrongful deaths consider the needs of the deceased’s loved ones as a result of the unexpected loss of support and companionship. Only through wrongful […]

What Is the Difference Between Accidental and Wrongful Death?

When a loved one dies in an accident, it is natural for us to search for the underlying causes. And if there is reason to believe that another person is responsible for the death, it is only natural to seek justice. However, whereas a murder case, in which a criminal deliberately seeks to kill another […]

The Most Common Causes of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Boats

In Florida, boating season is in full swing, and locals are taking advantage of the weather to unwind and spend time on the water. But if safety measures aren’t taken, a boating day that was supposed to be enjoyable can end tragically. Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no taste, no smell, and no […]

How Are Florida Wrongful Death Damages Calculated?

Wrongful death lawsuits seek to hold those responsible for the victim’s death accountable for the victim’s family’s loss. If the other party agrees to a settlement, a trial can be avoided. In a settlement, both parties will most likely agree on a monetary amount in court. The lawsuit may be dismissed if the settlement sum […]

Florida Wrongful Death Claims: How to Prove Liability

In Florida, wrongful death lawsuits must be filed within two years of the deceased’s passing. The law also stipulates that the only people who can obtain compensation for a wrongful death claim are the survivors. Each surviving person may be entitled to compensation for past and future support losses. In Florida, a person’s spouse, child, […]