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In Florida, boating season is in full swing, and locals are taking advantage of the weather to unwind and spend time on the water. But if safety measures aren’t taken, a boating day that was supposed to be enjoyable can end tragically.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no taste, no smell, and no color. It is created during the burning of carbon-based fuels like propane and gasoline. Engines, generators, space heaters, water heaters, and cooking ranges are some of the sources of CO gas on boats. The amount of CO these sources produce typically isn’t a problem. However, the design and operation of some boats can lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide, creating a dangerous and even fatal situation.

The following are common causes of co buildup.

  • Many large boats have generators which release carbon monoxide gas toward the stern of the boat. Near the boat’s swim platform or stern deck, carbon monoxide can accumulate.
  • A CO threat can arise from mooring or anchoring too close to vessels that have gas engines running or onboard generators. These boats emit hazardous levels of CO, which can find its way into your boat.
  • CO can gather in the cabin, cockpit, or stern deck when the vehicle is idle or moving slowly. Carbon monoxide can also quickly accumulate in a boat’s cabin when wind is coming from the stern.
  • A buildup of CO can quickly produce life-threatening levels of carbon monoxide in the vessel’s cabin due to a clogged exhaust or inadequate ventilation of the enclosure.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by carbon monoxide poisoning on a boat, Hevia Law Firm can help. Their Miami carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers will investigate the accident’s cause and hold the at-fault party accountable.

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