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Can Another Driver’s High Beam Lights Be Considered Negligence?

Driving at night is difficult for many. It is much harder to see and if you have poor vision, it can make it even more difficult. You should always make sure your vision is up to date and will be well enough to drive. However, sometimes vision impairment on the road does not happen from our own eyes, but from bright, high beam lights from another car.

High beam lights help drivers see better when it is dark outside, but some drivers do not use them correctly, putting others at risk. It is easy to become blinded by someone driving directly behind you and on the other lane. When this happens, drivers may lose control of a vehicle and get into an accident. 

Drivers who do not use their high beam lights correctly may be held liable in auto accidents. Contact a Florida personal injury trial lawyer if you have been hurt in one of these wrecks. 

In Florida, points can be added to your driving record if you do not use high beams correctly. Drivers must dim these lights when approaching an oncoming vehicle within 500 feet or when approaching another vehicle within 300 feet from the backend. High beams in Florida should only be used when it is extremely dark or on rural roads with sparse vehicles. 

Failing to use high beam lights correctly is dangerous. Misjudgment, impaired vision, and increased road rage are common occurrences and can cause car accidents. 

If you can prove that another driver was negligent by using high beam lights, then you may be able to file a claim. 

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