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How Alcohol Laws in Florida May Change Car Accident Cases

Florida, like many other states, does not allow drivers to have open containers of alcohol in a vehicle or allow drinking while driving. When drivers violate these laws, even without an accident, the consequences are severe. Even people who are not driving the vehicle are not allowed open containers. Regardless of if the vehicle is parked or not, no open containers are allowed. These offenses can be classified as moving traffic violations and usually result in three points being added to a license.

However, if open containers or driving under the influence is linked to a car accident, the consequences will be much more severe. Florida is a zero-tolerance state, meaning there is no exception to these laws. Driving while under the influence is a fine and may be found to be a third-degree felony in some cases. Prison time is also not uncommon, and the more severe the accident, the more jail time. 

If someone was injured in a car accident involving open containers or drivers who were operating the vehicle under the influence, contact a Florida personal injury trial lawyer immediately. 

DUIs are considered a form of negligence, and while Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, drunk driving will almost always be processed differently. With no-fault auto insurance, injured parties must depend on their own insurance to cover damages. However, drunk driving incidents cause severe damage more often than not, and liability limits may be unable to cover medical expenses. 

Due to the insurance policies in Florida, knowing where to turn to get the compensation and legal justice you need following an accident is crucial. Hevia Law is here to help. Please visit us online to request a consultation. 

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