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What You Can Expect When Working With Hevia Law

Anyone who has required the assistance of a lawyer before knows that the process can sometimes be daunting and relentlessly disappointing. When you begin work with a lawyer, you expect that you will be on track to fight for the justice you or a loved one deserves. Sadly, some clients end up feeling burned and disappointed by their lawyers. 

A few years ago, one of our clients came to us with a difficult case. Her previous council had dropped her due to several defendants disputing responsibility and control over what had started out as a simple slip and fall case. It had soon become rather complex, and she found herself bailed on by her legal team. However, she was determined to persevere and was not ready to give up. 

Following a painstaking review of public records, our team was able to prove that the defendant had been given control of the site during the permitting processes several years prior. A case that had been neglected and dropped because of its difficulty, one that seemed to have no discernible resolution, became a settlement of over $800,000. 

Finding solutions that benefit our clients is our first priority – always. It is the job of your Florida personal injury trial lawyer to go after solutions for you, no matter how difficult the process may be. If you have a case that has been tough to figure out, a second opinion can do a lot for revealing missed details and other avenues of investigation. Hevia Law enjoys figuring out when to bring out the magnifying glass and when to settle to achieve closure for our clients. 

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