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Dog Bites Claims in 2021 for Florida Residents

People love dogs, and most of the time, owning one proves to be harmless and meaningful. However, dogs are still animals and sometimes can do things on instinct, such as bite or attack. In Florida, dog owners may be held liable for injuries that come from a dog bite or attack, whether in a public or private setting. 

Time is limited to file a claim after these incidents. Contact a Florida personal injury trial lawyer sooner rather than later, otherwise, you could lose the chance to file a claim. 

Dog owners can be held liable both criminally and civilly. Florida is a strict liability state which means that owners can be liable even if aggressive behavior or nature was not previously known. The laws in Florida do not require victims to prove injuries as a result of owner negligence. However, victims may be required in certain scenarios to prove negligence. 

Claims of negligence mean the owner failed to provide care similar to how another reasonable person would have acted under the circumstances. Negligence per se is when an owner can be liable if a violation of statutes or regulations for the safety of the public occurred. Scienter, or the one-bite rule, is a provision that allows someone with prior knowledge of a dog’s attack history or attempt to bite to be liable for the injury. An intentional tort is only present under certain circumstances but refers to a claim that may be pursued if the dog owner intended for the attack to occur. 

Most people will own a dog and never experience any issues with aggressive behavior or attacks. However, it does happen. If you have been injured in a dog attack, contact Hevia Law to learn more about your legal rights and to file a claim. 

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