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Personal Injury Cases for Swimming and Diving Injuries

Sunny tourist destinations like South Florida are more prone to swimming and diving accidents due to the massive amount of people venturing out into the water. A lack of familiarity with the region’s water and even unforeseen swimming pool accidents are large contributors to water-related personal injury claims in Florida. 

If you or a loved one has been injured from negligence at a pool, call Anthony Hevia, Florida personal injury trial lawyer, at 786.698.5347.

The most common water-related accidents are:

  • Diving injuries: shallow water can be dangerous for divers. You are more prone to hit your head and injure other body parts from intense impact. 
  • Skin irritation and infections: pools that are not properly cleaned can lead to a high amount of bacteria in the water, including eye infections and stomach problems. 
  • Cuts: debris at the bottom of the pool as a result of not adequately cleaning the pool at scheduled times can cause cuts, especially on the feet, and if bad enough, can result in stitches and major hospital attention. 
  • Drowning: the most common pool-related injury and does not happen only due to a swimmer’s lack of experience. People can drown due to injuries that happen in the pool and from playing in the water.

It is of the utmost importance that every pool and water facility does its due diligence to protect its patrons, including proper cleaning and ensuring lifeguards are present. Injury can occur from an owner’s negligence in providing lifeguards with the right safety training, along with failure to purchase and have safety equipment readily available, and poor pool design and construction. Your best bet is to stay alert and attentive while at the pool, but it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a safe environment. 

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